Release Date: 19/03/2012

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Free track for your listening pleasure - Lighthouse by Kloudbreak


Kloudbreak make their eagerly anticipated return with a stunning track featuring their trademark union of deep bass and haunting vocals. Cinematic atmospheres swirl around understated rhythms and subs, building to a song which will creep into your subconscious and grow there.

Following up from their debut EP Elements, which was a triumph of subtlety and power, the duo have come back with Ghosts, which reaffirms their position as an outfit who create music that has the ability to move people, both physically and emotionally.

The remixes flex various muscles; Gyu goes to work with his talent for low end manipulation, creating a deep and moving interpretation which sounds incredible on a big system. Stressor's skittering Garage workout retains the soulful core of the original but wraps it up in a 2-step beat and gets old school with vocal processing. Finally, Eagles For Hands goes all out with a chopped up schizophrenic ADHD child. Growling bass and intense edits which won't sit still and behave themselves like all the other kiddies at the park.

As a special treat we're giving away a free previously unreleased Kloudbreak track to celebrate this release.

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I absolutely love this! ...It's all so effortlessly simple and perfectly executed.
Kraymon DJ/Producer

Track list:

  • Ghosts
  • Ghosts - Gyu Remix
  • Ghosts - Stressor Remix
  • Ghosts - Eagle For Hands Remix

Ghosts EP by Drawn Recordings


Gyu - Supreme Being

The new EP by Gyu is out now.

Subtle ingenuity and atmospheric pressure, locked down with groove-perverse beats and gravity-molesting basslines.

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Startslow - Anthropomorph

The new EP from Startslow is out now.

Startslow's EP perfectly blends deep bass with superb vocals and multiple layers of sax to create an aural assault like no other.

Drawn Zine 5

The latest issue of the Drawn Zine.

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